Win in China
Lose Everywhere

Foreign companies must take advantage of China's skilled workforce and
cost-effective manufacturing while staying in control. Control and oversight
require efficient communication, especially where English skills are lacking.

Success requires Mandarin


  • •  A fraction of the normal time investment required
  • •  Location independent - frequent travels are not a problem
  • •  Start speaking fluent sentences from the very beginning

A revolutionary approach to spoken Mandarin

Our Guarantee

  • •  Fastest path to spoken Mandarin
  • •  Pay only after results delivered
  • •  Risk-free trial month

Meet Our Clients

" After 6 years of struggle with on and off Mandarin lessons, I was finally
introduced to Sino Matters’ unique approach. Six months later I felt able
to converse with confidence – not just in taxis and restaurants, but also in
those inevitable awkward business moments where the resident translator
has left the room and the silence falls.
After further study, I can now engage directly with clients and government
officials in their own language and confidently address large audiences.
While the lessons are engaging and fun, they still require strong motivation
and commitment, but the rewards are almost instantaneous."


About Us

Sino Matters was founded in 2007 to research and overcome the difficulties
associated with learning spoken Chinese.

The result is VIPMandarin, a revolutionary, verbal teaching method that focuses
on the memorization of spoken sentences. The original team is still in place,
continuing to improve and polish our method.

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