You are a high achiever or you wouldn’t be in China.

You challenged yourself to learn Mandarin, but it didn't happen. Your progress with traditional methods was frustratingly slow. And with a demanding job and travels you don't have time to spare.

Still, you realize that being able to speak Mandarin is a key to success in China. So is there no way to succeed? Fortunately, now there is.


An entirely different approach to spoken Mandarin
Effective, and well beyond what you thought possible

  • A fraction of the normal time investment
  • Location independent - frequent travels are not a problem
  • You will start speaking fluent sentences from the very beginning.


  • Fastest path to spoken Mandarin
  • Only pay after results delivered
  • Risk free trial month


  • “After just 6 months I felt able to converse with confidence –
  • not just in taxis and restaurants
  • but also in those inevitable awkward business moments
  • where the resident translator has left the room and the silence falls.”



Sino Matters was founded in 2007 to research and overcome the difficulties associated with learning spoken Chinese.
The result is VIPMandarin, an innovative, verbal teaching method that focuses on the memorization of spoken sentences.
In short, it makes learning to speak Mandarin time-efficient and fun. Since then, we have used the method in more than 100,000 lesson hours. Today, the original team is still involved in continuing to improve and polish our method.